LCA Contest: Mercedes-Benz 280SE Convertible (1969) from Bridget Jones's Diary


The car looks great but the area that bothers me is around the front hood, for one it seems that it slopes back to slanted. The Grill also looks like it might be too tall or not round enough. I also think your front bumper needs to be thicker, or deeper in the middle front (ie space in front of grill) Next thing would be the front hood lines, they look like they go almost straight up and round off with a gap between itself and the hood. Anyhow sorry I didnt get to this before with my criticisms, hopefully you will look into it. Other than that it looks great, the shape is very nice and accurate.
The cover for the roof needs to have some thickness. It's going into the body now, but it's making it look like it's 5 cm thick on some places. Just leave a shadow there, no worries :)

Looking sweet btw 8)
Thanks for all comments! :) Once again I forgot about the wires, but I hope that I'll include them to the next update.

I have fixed the hood a little bit so it looks more accurate now. :)

NightEye - I don't think that it looks so thick so it will stay like that for now.

From the last update I've also detailed the dashboard and made wipers and exhaust. Tommorow I'll start makin' some textures, cos' modelling is finished.


I have made some textures.

Now I'll just make lights bumpmaps and then move to changing the studio and other materials. :)

I hope that I'll finish it tommorow, so I could render it from different angles. :)

[EDIT] Once again I forgot about the wires, but here they are. :D


Thanks for the comment. :)

I know that the mesh isn't perfect at the marked place on the hood, but as far as I can see, the rear trunk looks smooth and these are not a problem, but I'll fix this issue with the seats. :)

I made rear lights bumpmaps and wood texture. Hope you like it. :)

I also made materials and some add-ons to the studio and now I'll start makin' some renders.


i think the renders let teh car a bit down! You really should work a bit more on them, nevertheless it looks really good! i love the model and the interior shot!