LCA Contest: The bluesmobile - 74 Dodge Monaco


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That thing is awsome!
It makes me smile because of the look it has.It looks crappy and used.That is great!

Maybe you could make the paint a bit less shiny and reflektive.

Keep it up!
the worn paint look is great, I agree with others about the chrome. needs to be dull like the paint.
see this link:
1974 Dodge Full Line 04-05

it shows some details at the place next to the bumpers that you car appears to be missing. the chrome trim areas on the Belt line show where the bumper fillers are ,even on the base Monaco's. the brochures even show front a little more pointy than what you have. yours is still a bit flat, especially the mid section of front bumper which should have a point between the bumper guards. it also shows the bumpers do not extend out much on the sides but almost follow the side of body lines. in 1974 they had those bumper fillers because they had shocks which the bumpers were mounted on to help impact in accident. so they filled the area just next to it with soft plastic which will pop out when car will hit an object. hope this info helps.
Thanks for the comments guys, In the process of sorting out the chrome. Amongst other things.

Once again thanks Tiberius. That reference is brilliant. I've noticed some other issues as well as the missing bumper things. And I think sorted out the pointiness in the front. So it has been a massive help. Just need more time for rendering!!!
This car looks great, good details and attention to detail. My only gripe is the size of the wheels, they look like 17s or 18s, however its grown on me and I like the size, it does change the nature of the car and its overall size.
Thanks Icekid for the comments. I've just tried reducing those rims slightly and i agree with you. They were a little too large. I've only reduced them by about an inch but it makes a huge difference.

Also showing a little slice of a background im working on. ( to show I have been asleep ). Nothing too clever. Just duplicated the bluesmobile colored it white, rendered and blurred then added the flashing lights in photoshop.



nosh_dir85. Thanks for the comments. Much appreciated. Im using blender and its internal renderer. I aggree about the shadows but I cant seem to get a good render without adding more and more lights. I wanted to use yafaray for its global illumination but it really screws up my materials so I have to compromise. Just have to keep learning I guess. Cheers.
Hi Multimediaman,

Started with the blueprints here at SMC but relised they were different to the car in the movie. Tail end looked totally diffrent. So ended up using these as a starter (attached) and then used reference images. Tiberius has been really helpfull in pointing me in the right dirrection as far as a scale model reference and also an original Dodge brochure.

Im sure there is heaps of innaccuracies but with just 24 hours out of a 2 month contest left to go, I think they will have to stay as is.