Lexus In The Wet

Oscar J

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It's so great to see you back in business, and this looks like a huge leap forward compared to your older renders. Very very artistic, so many thought through elements everywhere. Looks just like a professional advertisement picture!


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Excellent render! The overall looking, cam angle, motion feeling and so on feels really brilliant! That's how it should be.

- Wheels are top notch (shading, blur, steering, camber)
- cam angle
- composition
- road, top notch wet shader

- paint looks like blue chrome
- windows could use some gradient (fake polar filtering)
Fair comments Duron.

I totally agree with you on the windshield. About the paint, I made it a little more glossy as if it was wet. It has just been raining after all ;)

Thanks for the comment man, nice of you to stop by. I spent a fair amount of time getting the samples right for the motion blur, both camera and geometry. :)

Glad you like it man, means a lot!