Lloyd Arabella

Lovely Arabella debuted in 1959: the compact family car of front drive layout was noted for the longitudinally mounted "boxer" OHV four of 897 cc displacement. At that, Arabella featured rack & pinion steering, independent suspension (proper semi-trailing arms at the rear) with coil springs all round. To perfection, it only lacked disc brakes. Overall, the car was a head taller than the contemporary models - such as FIAT 1100 or Ford Anglia 105E.
In the late 50s, the advanced Arabella forestalled the remarkable Subaru 1000, ALFA Romeo Alfasud, and even nobby Lancia Gamma. Alas, Lloyd Motoren Werke GmbH ceased production in 1962. Still Arabella was built till the end of 1963 under the brand name Borgward. Then curtain...


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