Lowpoly Car Contest - Smart Fortwo Cabrio

Viper_the_sniper said:
Some things I noticed looking at your model:

The tanklid is modelled... why? care to show a detail shot? and from what I've seen you've mirrored it, so your model actually has two now. If your going to model all the details, you might as well want to add wipers. I'd say get rid of that modelled tanklid and do some wipers instead, I'm sure you can actually save quite some polies with taking out that modelled one and replacing it with a textured one

Please get some better light textures, they really let the model down

Oh yeah... what's the polycount btw?
Smart has two tanklids! :D see it:

And i'm working on the interiour it will be more brighter ;)
Oh and 4994 faces :D


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I really like this one!

Always wanted to see a good lowpoly Smart model... although I also think the tanklid would have been better if you just placed it as a texture there and not with polygons.

If you need any further pictures, maybe for new textures for the lights, as these are not really nice, just ask and I will shoot some pictures... My family owns 2 Smarts. :D They're both the City Coupe, though. One ]without facelift and one with facelift... (this one is a limitied edition as well... it's a series called "nightrun", only 400 produced, 200 Coupes and 200 Cabrios each. It's essentially a Brabus Smart without the bodykit and the leather seats).

And to anyone who doubts it: Yes, the Smart does indeed have 2 tanklids, although one of them is only a fake one.

I really like it that you chose these bodypanels as your texture... makes it more interesting than if it were a plain colored car, i think. I remeber that there also was a orange version of these bodypanels if I'm not mistaken... or at least something similar in orange.