Lowpoly Car Contest: Volkswagen Käfer 1302S

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Grungy Harry said:
OMG, you rule indeed 8o

Why not to put it ingame after contest is finished btw?
I agree .. it would be really great to see this model in a game for example SA ...
nice job , keep it up NighEye
It's looking really nice. NightEye.
Though it could use a little poly placement threatment. Like if you have a cross-section of a shape, you should pace your vertecies on the parts of the shape which are most bent. In this case here, if you look at the fenders, you should concentrate your vertecies on the top of them. Since the lower you go on the fenders, the more straight they are, when looking at them from the side.
Yeah, screwdriver, I know :) It's not finised yet ;)

Therefor, I added quite some extra polies to them (and the hood) ;)
Thinking of adding just one to the roof..
I also made the exhausts and the dashboard. So only thing left are wipers, steeringwheel, textures :D

As for games, arrange some converter and job's done ;) SA might get difficult though, since the seams aren't modeled.. But rFactor or something... :)

Oh, and thanks guys!!
I started mapping today :)

First, a render when I just redid the normals in LW:

And my very first unwrapped texture :D (I think it looks good enough)


hehe my grandfather had a volkswagen kever 1303
It was the second beautifullest in the netherlands in the volkswagen kever club

WOW, bit off topic :-[P)~

Nice Käfer Nighteye
@ColdFlames: [link] :mrgreen:
@revelli: Could you please - for just one time :p - point out what you mean? I don't see any problems with that piece..
@SS: Show me the candy :grin: I'm quite curious, because I've seen some nice Kevers, but.... :p
@the rest: thanks, updates hopefully anytime soon :D
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