Lowpoly Car Contest: Volkswagen Käfer 1302S

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Lem said:
very nice :)

but please do me a favor, chamfer the bumpers. they look awful.

Yeah its lowpoly, and he doesnt have many polys left he can play around with. However... there is a great possibility he will be able to chamfer and make the model pretty outside the competition. I talked with him about the idea of Herbie ( I'm old school herbie fan btw, not that new crap) Sadly he cant do Herbie for the competition since Herbie is a early 60s model with a more detailed bumper and other goodies.
Yes I know the bumpers are a bit straight. They aren't that curved in real life either, though :p
But I'll have a look if I'm not going over 5k with adding some 'chamfers' :) Didn't really care for them, so thanks for the tip :D

And yeah, I might to a Herbie outside the contest :)

Gonna bake them soon, and make some decent textures. Updates when ready :p
Well, I baked the body (not shown in this pic), but I need to do it again :p Removed all errors I could see, and touched up the bumpers and headlight bodywork.. A bit smoother now :)
Might rebake it this afternoon, perhaps tomorrow.. don't know yet.

Polycount: 4361 :grin:

Btw: Thanks Lem, really looks a lot better ;)
Modeled with ZM, mapped in LW, and I did those fixes in LW too.
LW just isn't the programme to model lowpoly (at least, not when modeling with tri's)..


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LOL ? .. man your model rocks ! its really goood lowpoly ! wow ... and yes , your renders suck , please next time post better ones :p

.. nah just kiddin u r teh rocks !
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