Lowpoly car project - MM2

Some of you may know the classic racing game Midtown Madness 2... I have been in love with this game since the beginning. Since I also love doing lowpoly stuff and I wanted to practice some texturing I started this little project, making simple everyday cars as mods for MM2. First off we have a Citroen ZX, pretty much done and working ingame. Next up is a Megane Coupe, work in progress. Any tips, suggestions or comments appreciated.



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Nice modlling! The textures looks good. NIce choice of rims; OZ superturismo ;) I've never played MM2, but is that a real city in the game?
Thanks :) Yeah, MM2 has two cities, San Francisco and London, based on the real thing. Okay, here is the Megane Coupe, pretty much done except some minor details, huge pain in the butt to texture this one. Enough french cars for me, gotta go japanese :)
The textures looks really good on all your models, are they pictures you have taken yourself or have you found them on public domain sites, or are they from other games? And btw, I think 96 Hyundai Tiburon/Coupe would fit nicely with those cars ;)
Thanks :) The textures are made out of pictures I find on the internet and then mess with them and modify them to fit on the UV map, I do some drawing etc. myself too. Most of the cars that I want to make are pretty much rare or impossible to come by here so I can't take my own photos. I used to ride the Neoplan bus to school but they have scrapped it a few months ago.

Heres the latest, Honda NSX.



That's awesome! I wanted to have an NSX in my game too but didnt have time to make it.If I was going to model all the cars I wanted the game would probably never be completed :) Nice work on the textures, they look very professional.
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Yay, a nice NSX! the only issue I see is that the rear window is a little do bulged, and perhaps the taillights a little narrow (or too high).

Despite that, it's a very lovely model.