Lowpoly Contest : 1998 Chevrolet Camaro Z28


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This is going to be one of them sub 1.5K face models, so it may start out significantly less fancy than the rest of the competition, although the texturing should make up for the lack of detail. so yeah...

Here's the start of this vehicle:


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okay, bit of an update.

First set : 'fake' textures... actually the blueprints mapped to model
Second set : untextured, reflective
Third set : basic materials
Foruth set : wire frame

3890 faces with these tires. These tires are temporary though, I'm going to use a much lower-face option for them in the end.

1434 faces with no tires

1594 faces with the tires I'm going to use...

the thing has no bottom to the car just yet, and lacks interior detail... but upon optimization, it should finish around 1600 still. I plan on using just one 1024x512 texture for the whole vehicle, plus a 64x64 texture for the tire



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tackle a load of issues with a single reply here...

the bashed up front is because it's my brother's camaro's photos... which I've used to create a blueprint from, and the blueprint is up in the Chevrolet Section of this site.

The print is actually for the base model, but with just a stretch of the imagination it could serve for the Z28 or the SS.

The textures on here are by no means what the end model will look like though... no way hahah. I like my cars looking new :p


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eep. I haven't posted enough progress on this thread. I kept putting it off because switching files from my work machine to this machine was such a hassle.

so here's a whole huge conglomerate posting for y'all :p

The final face count weighs in at 1523. I am using a 1024x512 diffuse texture, and a 128x128 tire texture.

Here it was while I was getting the unwrap of it going... interesting display...

I got that done a while ago, and have been working on the texturing today... Here's some renders of it in various colors:

Here's a composite with matching clay render:

and finally some wireframes:

any comments or critiques?
:( ive tried out all blues but they don't go well but i shall keep tryin i guess hopefully i'll find a better suited way of gettin the blueprints to work for me

good camaro im workin on a low poly Charger but i have a feelin it won't exactly be 5000 tho but eh i'll shall see
Wow.. just wow... 8o

I have one tiny comment though.. :) The wire of the windshield. I would arrange them a bit differently, because my mind tells me this gives better smoothing to it.. But seeing your pics, I think my mind is mistaken :p Smoothing looks damn good 8)

And I just read your edit in the contest forum; ofcourse you can use 1024×512 (which you did), because 1024×1024 was the limit.. :)



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SirDavidP said:
:( ive tried out all blues but they don't go well but i shall keep tryin i guess hopefully i'll find a better suited way of gettin the blueprints to work for me
So does that mean you want blueprints of this? or you just saying that this car is hard because of the nature of the blueprint?