Lowpoly Contest :: Audi TT (2006)

My late entry: the new Audi TT
What you see is maybe two hours of work only, as I am so unfortunate to have a very busy schedule and with only one week for me to finish in, I am certainly going to have a hard time, but enough of this discouraging talk.

I admit, with (only?) 2500 polies, it looks very bulgy, but I will rely much on the texturing later on, so hopefully it will give the lowpoly mesh a very nice finish.
Anyway, both comments and criticism are welcome as always :)



Thank you very much for your comments, guys.

Unfortunately I will have to pull out again, as I am working tomorrow and leaving the day after tomorrow, for which reasons the Audi is to be put on hold.

I will continue shortly after I return sometime in August; however, as I have been promised a drive in the new 599 GTB, you will most likely see what Ferrari mesh I can come up with without prints lol.
This is how the TT looks now though - I wish all competitors good luck with the rest :)