Lowpoly Contest :: BMW 740 e38

Here's what I got sofar, you can see the polycount from the pics :)
I'm going to put this to GTASA too so it's gonna have a engine aswell. :)

Btw does it matter too much if I started this couple of days before the contest was open? I haven't shown this anywhere and I was already done only the basic shape?
great work this is one of my favorite cars, and my favorite from the 7 series, I can't wait to see it textured, keep the good work m8
Thanks all!
@Dober3d, Hmm weird, well here's new ones anyways :)

True that it might need some polies to some places. But I'll do all the details
first and then spent more polies if necessary :)


Holly crap. I think we've got a winner lol. Nice work. Can't wait to see it with more detail. And where do I find that poly count? It looks like a pretty handy thing :) I have MAX 7
I don't mind, a month is enough to make a couple of cars, so I don't think you have any time advantages :)

Nice choice of car! Well modeled too! But get rid of those rims :p
lol yea those rims will leave for sure just wanted to put something under it :p

You can find it from Utilities and from there push the More button. You can find it from there :)