Lowpoly Contest :: BMW 740 e38


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not to fuel a competitor with more ammo, but if you don't need the shape from the vert in the center of your wheels, get rid of it. You'll save yourself 4 faces per tire, or 16 faces :p
FlashG said:
hehe cheers, it's quite boxy car so not the best choice to this contest maybe :)
maybe it's not so round but the model is still "complex" (bodyline) so technically it's a good choice (a bad choice could have been a Land rover 90 ...simple and boxy ,)
Hehe yea that would be :p

Small update, made smoothing groups and some other small things. Polycount is 4445 tris. Engine and muffler are not finished yet. Actually I haven't found pic of exhaust, it's behind the rear bumper so well :L

I guess you're not done yet with your smoothing, but I would break the smoothing on the hood edges on the side, looks better if you ask me :)