Lowpoly Contest : Citroën Camionnette

Ok... Here we are.
I think I chose a too easy car... But whatever.
Been modelling it for an hour and half for now and this is what I've got:

Standing at 964 tris at the moment, and I've got some polies to lose. The headlights for example are too round. :p

I'm hoping to finish my model this time in time... oh and btw. I dont want any comments about the looks of the real car, some comments on the model would be hawt though.;)
well gotta comment of the car too, I find it funny looking :p

Anyways gorgeous job sofar can't find anything to complain. You already mentioned the headlight yourself ^^
Thanks for comments again!

@outtanames - lol... Of course I took making this seriously.:grin: Couldn't think of any other car for this contest, and I don't love the 2cv as much.

@NightEye - haha.. That's a scary looking thing. Dont think I'm ever going to make anything like that though.:p

Humm, here's the model again. I cant think of anything to add there so I guess I'm finished... Though I'd still have some spare polies... Suggestions?
It's 4792 tris now.. Like the pic says.

Thanks NightEye. I actually did one change to the model: Changed the headlights back to the original rounder form, and I'm going to add a handle to the side door.

Anyways, I started on the textures. Doing them is pretty easy but rather time consuming because of those "rows" on the side. Dirt, dust, scratches and all shadows/gradients will be added in the end or after those "rows" are all done. ;)