Lowpoly Contest : Citroën Camionnette

Bumper3D said:
Okay, here are some final-ish texture shots. I still don't know what to do with all those render things... I mean does a non-textured gray-colored shot from zmodeler work as clay or do I really have to import this into max and do all the smoothing groups?

Sorry, couldn't be bothered to turn on the AA.

Here's also some ingame screenshot from Racer:

And I've also got some question conserning that Racer-version of this thing.. Would it be okay if I released this car for Racer before the deadline of this contest?:?
wow. really. when did racer start looking this good? must have been away
for too long to see such quality. as someone above already said, it almost
looks like the real deal. crazy!

love it! i so would want to put it on the side of the reims track in gpl,
replacing the box that sits there next to the uphill stretch at the rear
of the track.
Really nice work for the contest overhere, I really like this old Citroen Camionette. I hope that it will be converted to many games. If you want to have it in Midtown Madness 2, I know a good convertor. I hope you consider my request for putting it into MM2.

Much luck with all your 3d-work