Lowpoly Contest :: Ferrari F355 coupé

Started it today, a couple of hours work already. Don't plan on winning or anything, but this is a good chance to try some new stuff and actually be forced to finish something.
Remarks are more than welcome !

Oh yeah, tri count is at 914 right now.


i would recommend to remove so polygons from your front bumper, there are 3 edge rows very close together and try to add more polies to the wheel arches
Thanks for the suggestions, i already removed some rows on the roof. The bumper is a bit more work, but i'll get to that. The wheelarches are fine though, i think, I usually go only two subdivisions higher for higher poly models, so this should do fine.

I still see quite a few place to reduce poly, so I'll get to a lot of optimizing once the body is all done.


Thanks for the comments. I prefer modelling it more loosely and then coming back afterwards to optimize, more fun & easier.
But still, I seem to be on schedule: 2000 for the body, it's at some 1400 right now, with 3 quarters of it done.
And the body is all done, with rims that need a bit more attention. Everything clocks in at 2748: 217 a wheel, 1884 for the body.
Now to reduce that a bit more, though i'm still on schedule: 1000 for the wheels, 2000 for the body was my goal.


Seeing you can easily reduce that number.. Leaves more space for a ful interior :grin: Or perhaps an engine? :)
What's your polylimit?

Nice work, I'll await the next poly-cutting update :)
Did some more polycutting, took off 84 polygons from the body, bringing it down to exactly 1800. The corners of the bumper I decided not to touch, because it's such a wide curve that it wouldn't look good when merged. The rims I'll get to if it proves necessary.
And I think I can afford to leave it like that, with a total count of 2962 for body, engine, wheels, underside and some windows already.

Also, does someone know how to set the rotation pivot for seperate sub-objects in 3DSmax ? I want to set my engine lid and doors in a way that I can swing them open as a subobject by just rotating them. I remember GTA cars could do this with everything in one main mesh?


Yeah user view indeed, I forget that sometimes.

Did a lot more, i'm at 3848 tri's right now. Still needs some more interior: center console, dash & steering wheel.


4650 with a finished interior and some more details. I still have some smoothing to fix here & there, and I'll use my remaining polys to make a trunk in front, and some more detail for the engine. Perhaps optimize the rims.

And don't pay attention to the wireframe material on the engine, i forgot to change it and didn't feel like rendering again :grin:


OMG. 8o

That's going to be the winner with proper textures.:)
The model is pretty damn perfect when you look at the polycount.

Good job!

edit: I don't know why, but those rearlight cylinders are bothering me a bit. I'm hoping that you'll chamfer them at the end a bit if you have any spare polies left at that point. That would raise the polycount quite a lot but still.