Lowpoly Contest :: Ferrari F355 coupé

Thanks :)
70% is handpainted/created (interior is almost all done by hand), some are from the pictures I took at the Ferrari dealer, rest is internet pictures.
Lol, I hit the magic number, I'll try to keep it at that :grin:

Also went back to the Ferrari place for more pictures, the yellow one was sold now, but they had a red Berlinetta there, which was just perfect. Took a lot more pictures, so if anyone ever plans to make an F355, I've got tons of detail pics now.

And I will not deprive anyone of a photo of that beautifull, brand new 599 GTB that was waiting outside for a spot in the showroom ;)


Doors I will put some more detail on, it's just that in the real car they're not very filled either.
Also, rims do reflect, just doesn't show very well.
I made the attached render just now, not entirely pleased with it because I can't get the reflections to look good. I used the Eucalyptus Grove HDRI from debevec.org, the only one from there which gives me some visible reflections out of the 3 I've tried. Maybe someone has a better HDRI for me, or just some tips ?


AAH! After hours of trying I got somewhere :grin: ! I made my own material combining a Shellac with the Vraymtl carpaint I made before that, keeping in mind what I read somewhere about Shellac: "think of the base material as your car's paint layer, and the shellac as the clear gloss finish". That made me come up with a material that looks a lot more to my liking (if anyone cares, I'll make a small tutorial on it, as I haven't seen this specific method described anywhere?).

Attached is my new desktop image :)


Thanks! Rims are smoothed, but 15 subdivisions might make them look like they're not. I disbaled those very clear reflections anyway, the real rim is aluminium that reflects faintly, and most is even simulated by the texture.

And the door texture is almost like real life now, I just have to paint a handle and some electric window buttons on it. Render attached


Why thank you :grin: !
A big compliment, as I don't really know how to model highpoly (yet) The idea of having no purpose for the car after rendering doesn't appeal to me a lot :p
Yeah I know it's lowpoly, but I think it's weird the reflection is only one a few polygons, rather than smoothed :p
The door looks better now already, those buttons will finish it perfectly! :)
I'm no render expert at all, but the reflections are too bright, and maybe the color of the paint is too saturated. It really looks weird because the rest of the scene is quite dark... Maybe it would look better if the paint would show the reflections a little more but the paint and the reflections itself aren't as bright as they are now..

thumbs up for your model+textures btw, they rule.