LowPoly Contest: Mazda3


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K thanks :D

Well... mazda3 MPS comes with a 2.3litre Turbo... aint 4wd, but at least that shd satisfy one half of ur desire. ;)
haha, the 3 MPS dont need 4wd.. with over 250 hp under the hood, and more then enought torque i'll bet u it can tackle anything.., besides, handling is amazing as it is already


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Yep the mazda3 mps is gonna be one hell of a monster to drive :D

OK... did the wheel archs... have yet to reduce the polys... still seems like an awful lot...


The IC

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im not a low poly expert, but i reckon you could easily take quite a few polys out of the bonnet and keep it looking smooth

and yes, the MPS rocks :)


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Righto, will be working on it i'm targetting for abt 2.5k for body, 1k for interior and 1.5k for wheels, is that a good estimate?


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Yeah that was what i was thinking too.. the real windows arent flat, like the windscreen... so i can spare a couple of polys, its ok...