Lowpoly Contest: Mitsubishi Lancer EvoIX

Here's what I got so far... Hopefully I won't go over the 5000 tri's limit.
I'll post the wires for next update.

hey mike, another lancer on costest that will fight against others:)
good job so far, but without see your wires i can notice, that you shold add one more polyrown to smooth of that place between your front hood seams....
you have done, imo, the hardest part of the car, now everything else will be easier
It's a bit polyheavy, 580 for this, but it's definately worth it 8) Looks great!
Just add another polyrow at the front of your hood :)
Thanks guys, here's another update.

Hopefully I smoothed out the hood where you guys had commented on.

1250 tri's now.


hmm, polycount grew up to 2101 tri's now, hopefully the wheels, interior and some other details won't take up a lot of tri count.

A rather big update this time.. Made the wheels, underbody, interior, etc :)
Just below the 5000 tri's limit, had to do plenty of poly cutting to get it under lol. :p

Anyway, here's the pic, closer shots for revelli too ;)


Thanks for the tips guys, I took the flat walls on the outer wall and used it for chamfer as Xoliul had mentioned. About the spokes, I haven't fix those yet because it makes a big difference to way the spokes look like. I've also cutted more polies in other places, and also added a few more details. Sitting at 4995 tri's now.

Also started on texturing ;) top pic with texture is with material set to 100% self-illumination so there's isn't any light source making the lightings. second pic is pretty straight forward..



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I have to say, I really like your modelling style.
The model itself is very nice and the texture so far is looking very good also!