lowpoly contest: porsche 993

Modelling is almost the same, some tools are renamed or in another place. The main toolbar however has been changed a lot. HVD/XYZ button is gone, you now switch between them using the options menu of the move/scale/rotate tool. Flatshading is now turned on or off per object via it's properties, not by pressing q anymore. The uvmapping is now done per-vertex. This means you assign uv mapping in vertices mode. Some people hate the new style, because a vertex can have just one uv-coordinate, so if you map the rearlights loose from the body, you have to detach the rearlights. Still Uvmapper is 10000x better than it was in zm1, it's way more user-friendly.

Anyways just check it out, don't be afraid to ask.

And also thanks for the compliment zinni and nighteye. But my textures really suck if you take a close look at them:p.
The last 4 screenshots are from a game called racer:p.

But seriously if you or somebody else wants to put it in a game I'd love to give you the files, but not now. still all textures are unfinished, and since the contest is over, I think I'll remodel some bad looking stuff. Yeah and it doesn't have a modelled engine nor suspension.