Lowpoly Contest :: Toyota Supra

You could unite the middle two polyrows in the end.. :) But that's for latter worries :p

Nice start, and a nice choice of car too for this polylimit! I like that :)
Its nice you got the basic shape. But not the best car to choose for such a low poly contest. But good job so far and good luck with the rest! :)
finnished the overall basic shape. the back took a few attempts to get it looking reasonably good still needs more tweaking though

revelli: do you mean the tire or the rim?

redstar: thanx, i chose it coz i wanted a challange


well i won't be able to work on this for about a week coz the version of max i have is screwed up and dosen't do unwraping. so i'll have to wait till i get back to school so i can get max 7