Lowpoly contest: Truck with Trailer poll

Best lowpoly truck is made by...

  • Dodgeboy

    Votes: 1 2.9%
  • Johnas

    Votes: 19 55.9%
  • Schaefft

    Votes: 14 41.2%

  • Total voters
  • Poll closed .
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Too bad we didnt have more finished entries, would have loved to see what the others come up with. I think Ill give my vote to Johnas. While both Dodgeboys and Johnas truck both look great its seams more work went into the 351s textures, making it my favorite here. :)

Good luck to both of you!
Yeah there were some cool trucks in the works :D I would finish mine now but I'm sure I wouldn't stand a chance in this fight :p
I like how the vehicles are all different style. Makes it harder to pick one though !
the peterbilt and freightliner are both amazing, and it was a hard choice but finally decided to give my vote to schaefft, i simply think it is a bit more detailed. not fully satisfied with the textures on dodgeboy's truck, i think they could be improved. congrats all, good job for standing on the finishline
Because I can only choose one, my vote went to Jonas. Decision was made while looking at the textures. I think all models are the best they can be, and there really is no real winner here. Good Job guys!!
Damn, although there are only 3 contestants, it took me almost as much time here as in the Muscle Car Contest.

My vote goes to schaefft, but you are all winner in my book.
Like other people said it's really tough decision, all did a great job. One of my favourite truck are Peterbilt, but finally I decided to give my vote to schaefft. I think his truck just a little bit more detailed.


All the models are very good. Too bad there is only 3 of them, but the quality level is really nice.

My vote goes to Johnas, because of the better texture work. But it was a tough choice to make.


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Sadly only 3 trucks are in the contest, but all of them are looking very good. My choice is the Johnas´Peterbilt 351, because it remembers me to a great Spielberg movie called Duell...
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