Lowpoly contest - Truck with trailer: post your final screenshots

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This thread is for the final entries of the Lowpoly contest. Here are requirements:

  • Post atleast two screenshots with materials applied
  • Also two screenshots from wires
  • Minimum resolution for screenshots are 1024*768
  • No renders! Only screenshots from your 3d softwares viewport. Viewport shaders are allowed.
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Topic will be closed 31st of May 8pm (gmt), make sure to post your entry before it.
Here's my entry, didn't manage to squeeze cables to the polylimit so I didn't model them for the final screenshots. Here's specs:

  • Truck 4792 tris
  • Trailer 2000 tris
  • Truck wheels 1992 tris
  • Trailer wheels 1392 tris
  • Diffuse texture sizes 2048x2048, rest 1024x1024
  • 3 texture sets, diffuse, specular, normal




Not open for further replies.