Lowpoly contest: Truck with Trailer

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What what what!! Another contest?? Yes indeed! Since many voted for the lowpoly contests we wanted to launch contest for lowpoly people too. Trucks got more votes so trucks it is we give You!

Rules and definitions for the contest are following:

.:Lowpoly Truck with Trailer contest:.

  • Polycount 5000 tris for truck and 2000 tris for its wheels. 2000 tris for trailer and 2000 tris for its wheels
  • Texture limit: Resolution 2048x2048 for each texture (1xtruck, 1xtrailer, 1xwheels), normal, specular etc. allowed
  • Era and country origin is free
  • Renders are not allowed, only screenshots from 3d applications viewport or game engine
  • Photoshopping final results not allowed, resizing or cropping is okay
  • Teams allowed, team have to be declared in the first post
  • Continuous wip thread updates are required. Create your wip thread here: Lowpoly Contest - Truck with Trailer - Scratch Made Cars - Car Blueprints Forum
  • Timelimit: Last day when you can post your final renders to the dedicated forum is 31st of May 2011, 23:59:59 GMT
For realtime viewport screenshots you can use Xoliuls viewport shader which is free but support is only for 3D Studio Max (Maya might work also, not sure). You can get it here: Laurens Corijn Portfolio

There's also program called Marmoset Toolbag which can do realtime screenshots, it's not free but has 20 day free trial. It can read .obj, .fbx and .mesh files. Most 3D applications should have support for them. You can download the software here: 8monkey Labs|The smell is not so strong if you go outside.

Feel free to ask if there's something what I didn't mention. Good luck to all! 8)
hello, one little thing, i think it would be more fair if you set a poly limit per axle and not on all wheels, since the number of wheels on a truck + trailer can vary a lot from a citytrailer to a long trailer and so on
That would raise the total polycount too much I think. But I changed it a little, from 1500 to 2000 tris. That should be enough I think, after all truck wheels are quite simple :)
3ds Max can show tris

Go to views -> Viewport configuration -> Statistics -> Check Triangle Count

In Max's viewport, for example Perspective view, press mouse right button over Perspective text and choose Statistics.
If you press 7 on the keyboard it will display that data in real time too :) I don't know which contest now to take part in ! I'm not familiar with doing low-poly stuff so I think I will give this one a go :D
Limit for textures weren't explained well so I fixed them a little. Texture size is limited to 2048x2048 and you can use 2xtexture for truck, 2xtexture for trailer and 1xtexture for wheels. Normal maps etc. are allowed.
Id say yes. Actually, if it was for a professional game you would have to get everything on 1 2048x2048. I think Im gonna use 2x 2048x2048 for the final screenshots tho, one for the truck, one for the trailer. I will probably scale them down to 2 1k textures later if I convert it to the cryengine.
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