Lowpoly truck and muscle car contest awards!


Congratulations to all who got medals from our contests and to all who managed to finish their models. We saw many great entries in both contests.

Here is the top 3 from Lowpoly Truck contest. I must say it feels bit awkward to me to announce myself as a winner.. I want to thank everyone who gave me the vote. I shall carry my dirty trucker cap proudly. :)

1. Johnas 2. Schaefft 3. Dodgeboy


Muscle car contest was exciting as well. It was great to see so many finished entries in the end. Thanks to all who took part! Here's the top three or four actually! Namreg and Rsenal are sharing the 3rd place :)

1. Naswan 2. EquiNOX-1 3. Namreg and Rsenal


Thanks again to everyone who joined these contests. Remember to give your vote to Next Contest poll. Lets make next one as exciting as these were :)

If you want to view all medals they can be found here
Sorry I noticed I had linked medals list to a wrong place. It's fixed now.

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Yay, my first medal. :D Thanks to everyone who voted for me. I know its a bit odd to chose from 3 entries only, but I think we all had alot of fun and created some nice models. :)

Also congratulations to the winners of the muscle car contest. You guys did a great job and we got some beautiful renders.:)

Lets hope the next contest will see most of you guys again. :)