Mazda Furai


I never drawn blueprints by myself, but it looks like a complicated job. So many thanks for posting the result of a lot of hard work hours.

How confident are you in their accuracy ?
because i drawn it from my model (signature) ;)

edit: warning! the blueprints are accuracy but it isn't 100% accurate with real model because my model was modelling from photos.


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your right its not accurate...i have some photos i took at the autoshow (with a stupid broken camera) there is a corner at the back that's not supposed to be their;) other than that i congratulate you on modeling a difficult car from pictures alone (its soo hard!! i tried modelling the mitsubishi evo x concept and i simply gave up -_-)


Hi stachu,
Why can`t I look the bp ? New window comes with frame blank after clicking. There`s a little red cross in left corner only – clicking on it don`t help - only the same returns always ! What to do ?
Many thanks for help in advance : caapa
Thanks man. Great modeling from photos. I know ,for experience, it´s so hard...
I did make it with my signature car (IFR Aspid)