Mazda 'Incredible World'


Strange Beast put director Sam Mason and creative director Pete Candeland together on “Incredible World,” a stunning advert for Mazda and agency Berlin Cameron United. The spot follows a new model Mazda CX-9 through seamlessly integrated landscapes rendered in lushly stylized CG.

Strange Beast handled all design and direction, while Absolute Post’s NY office took on the animation and compositing. That’s a potent combo.

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Passion NY/Strange Beast
Producer: Eve Strickman
EP: Belinda Blacklock
Creative Director: Pete Candeland
Director: Sam Mason
Gordon Waltho
Kim Dulaney
Sarah Orenstein
Laura Alejo

Absolute Post NY:
CG Supervisor/ Lead: Jasper Kidd
Previs: Jasper Kidd, Jim Vidal, Eric Lane
Animators: Jim Vidal, Paul Wei, Jasper Kidd, Eric Lane
Modelers: Eric Lane, Paul Liaw, Tom Cushwa, Piotr Glabinski, Kenneth Polonski, Jim Vidal, Jasper Kidd
Rigging: Paul Wei, Gabriela Hernandez
Textures/ Lighters: Alex Scollay, Ed Manning, John Volny, Jake Slutsky, Kevin Couture, Jasper Kidd, Eric Lane
Compositors: Dirk Greene, Jasper Kidd, Jimmy Bullard, Alex Gabucci, Betty Cameron, Jake Slutsky
Producer: Bugs Russell
EP: Melanie Wickham