Mazda RX7

thnks for a nice car

flashg thnks so much for making a nice car, i added something to is making a little better, I just like tuning cars a bit, anyways pics down there, i hope u could still see your car in there some where.
off course no profit has been collected.

Srry about the lines just the renderer is only an evaluation


not true Naval GTA can handle 40,000 so it's not to much for now a days are getting high in Poly Support but it's the Computer Specifications that is the difference maker if you got a low speced machine then you can't run high polyied models but if you got the most up to date system then you can handle the high poly models sooo pretty much it depends on your computer specs now a days


GTA can even handle 100.000 polies twice (with that I mean 2 of this highly tuned supra's alongside eachother )


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The models of this list given above are from digimation's onlineshop(Digimation for 3D Models, 3D Software and Creative Services.

Mazda RX7 and Mitsubishi Eclipse 2003 can be found in cgdatabank(

All of this models you post are not free. I think you should delete them for the copyright laws.