Mercedes-Benz Sprinter City Buses (2013)


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Uploaded for a request. Prints found on Mercedes site.

Please note:
The prints seem to match fairly good, but the overall height information seems a bit off on the front/back views. I assume the measurement might refer to the highest position of the airvent hat or maybe the drawings are just not accurate on that point. Not sure which is the case...
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Looks good though, could you attach the images to the post?
Umm... What do you mean? Can't you see them? They are attached there - well, at least, I can see them. o_O

I've noticed that with current forum, whenever I upload very large image files, there are no thumbnail previews on the front page at all like there was with the old forum. With this thread I tried slightly different approach, and clicked both the buttons insert 'thumbnail' and insert 'full image'. Maybe that caused some problems for someone... Bah! I have no idea what would be the correct way to do it. Obviously, I don't want to attach my high resolution images as mere thumbnails, but I'd like to see thumbnail previews too. Maybe this is perfectly clear to everyone else. It is not to me, alas! English is not my mother tongue...:confused: