Mercedes Benz

Mercedes Benz Fire Truck

as i first wanted to do a smaller truck, i changed my mind becouse i had more information about this vehicle, and will do a slightly bigger truck now.

i've been working all day yesterday and i'm making some good progress.
first made the basic shape and from there i will add details as much as possible.



i hope i've got enough poly's left for the pump thats on the trailer...

i already know i wont be able to fill the hose racks on the side..

i might create the older one as-well but i only have 1 picture of the vehicle so that wouldnt help much.
when i'm gonna make it ill post it in my emergency topic ;)
as for this truck, i already made it once so it wouldnt be that hard to redo the vehicle...
and i also have most of the pictures of it.
It's looking great so far ! If you don't have polys left, I think it would be better to leave parts empty than fill the model with boxes and stuff.
i'd already left as much poly's away as possible (deleting bottom faces)

it was suppose to look something like this:

I guess ill leave it with this as i can add a staggering 6 tris to reach the limit.!
I agree with johnas. Maybe you find some tris somewhere you really done need anymore like on the trailer hitch or some polygons facing inside other geometry. Normalmaps could add additional detail to some of the parts if you want to use them. Maybe you can reduce the number of sides of one of those cylinders.

But its looking great already so keep up the good work. :)