Mercedes W123


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Hi. Some WIP on this car.

Use photomodeling to check the stuff.


Looking nice!

What software did you use to match the cameras? 3DS Max? I can't figure out what am I doing wrong with camera matching. After I press "create camera", from the camera view the campoints and the assigned positions don't match and I think they should. I feel like I'm missing something or I'm doing it completely wrong. :/

It seemed so easy, I thought I finally figured out how to do it without ImageModeler, which everyone used in their workflow in the tutorials I saw, but now I'm stuck and I can't find one recent post, except this one, to get some help. :(

I've also searched for other photogrammetry software. Insight3d won't export cameras (they don't even show up in the preview thing in the Windows version), ImageModeler is not available (even in torrent form), same for the PhotoModeler (no torrents), and the rest require a lot of photos to make an actual 3d pointcloud and then a mesh from that and only then you export the cameras, which is not good for me because if I wan't to model something obscure like a DKW Monza, I won't have 30+ images to get a good result.


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