Microphone texture

Hi you all...

just a short question for my work in progress...I'm modelling a microphone (the classic kind, see attachment) for a little project. I'm a bit in a rush to complete it.

My question is: How can I texture the crossing wires of a microphone. Don't know if you guys understand what I mean but i'm talking about the crossing wires that a microphone always have at the outside of the microphone receiver (see attachment).

My microphone is just like the pic (still in progress) and the object that needs the texture is just a cylinder placed within the surrounding chrome object.

I'm modelling in Rhino and will be texturing in 3d Studio Max...

Is there a good way?? Please Help!!


a good texture (b&w) used as mask in a Blend material (first mat : white diffuse with some reflection material, second mat : black) and as bump in the first mat should be enough.
I think this will do...the microphones are actually not that big in size so I think just a noisy black/white texture will do...

Any Ideas about this scene to make it more funny? Or any other idea? The are all welcome




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(constructive criticism, but not for the weak of heart, skip over if you don't want to read possible negative remarks)

did you model the characters using reference images or just from memory?

anyway, I think the things that would make the biggest improvements would be to add more detail in the characters. The real characters have their mouths modeled out, their eyelids have detail on them, and there is more general organic curvature on the models. They also have arms and legs too... the shape of the eyebrows are a bit off too, they should be smaller and more refined...

if you want good reference pictures of the details, the m&m's site has some character profiles on it...



... those two pictures probably show the detail best, such as the hands, lips, and even the bottoms of their shoes...

also, it would probably benefit from softer shadows...

though, as for making the scene funnier, I'm not quite sure what to suggest...


thats pretty neat man! i love the materials u have on there .....they gonna be anywhere for dnld??
hehe...I know it's bad to smile about your own work but everytime I see the look of "Mr. Red" I can't do anything but smile...

Multimediaman: I know they're not very accurate...I'm just not that good at modelling to do the details 'bout the mouth and eyes...Also this is an old scene added with the microphones...The old scene was for an announcement for a local party here and it had to be made quickly...Anyways I think they still look pretty funny together...Thanks for the links but as I said...I don't think that I'm gonna ad more details because I only will screw it up...

Thanks DrumBoPing...which materials do you like because I think they're all pretty basic...! Maybe I'll put the scene for download once it's finished..