Midpoly Vehicle Contest: Aston Martin DBRSE

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Ok so here is my entry for the contest.

With Aston Martin to sold very shortly, and I'm hoping not the Saudi's, seeing they are the top 5 list for buyers. This would be my version of the new AM.

-The body is a Astion Martin DB9 but with a new front end and rear end. The Wide body Panels have a look from the Amuse S2000 kit. Origanally this concept was to be raced in the GT or DTM races but I decided on going from the eqivalent to the DBR9

Hope you all like it.



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LOL sorry there is no way that is 20,000 TRIs. it is a very nice model though.

if youre using editable poly, when you do polygon counter put your budget at 10,000. since 10,000 polys = 20,000 tris.
thanks for the tip guys, I'll check it out tonight when I get home from work and report back. I can not say for sure if it more or less that 10 000 polys.
ok so I checked it out how many poly's I have, yet I don't seem to see utilities anywhere on the tool bar but I did find the file properties which I think will help me out finding out how many polys I would have .

but still a bit confused maybe you guys can make heads or tails out of it.

I've attached a text file that was generated for me.


well then I'm apear I'd not be able to enter with 3000+ tri too much. Shame though. Doy ou think it would be low enough if I deleted the interior
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