Midpoly vehicle contest: Bentley Continental GT


The renders are indeed really good. The only issue I've seen is with the rearlights, otherwise it's excellent job.

It's stunning to realize that on the first render, the midpolyness is not the first thing to be noticed. Bravo !
@tom - What can I improve there? I know the shape is a bit off, but so is the whole car so...

The rim material should be a bit better now.

As said it looks brilliant.. even though I loathe the car hehe.. I can appreciate the work put into it. The Wheels are flat, but still likeable at the same time. Anyhow great job :)
@tom - Thanks for your feedback, I´ll try to refine the lights on the next renders. :)

@icekid - Yes, the wheels actually are a bit too flat... I like this more every second I look at it... though the old-bentley-signature-waistline aside it looks like a volkswagen.

Some brighter colours.