Midpoly Vehicle Contest: Citroën SM

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Yep, decided not to finish the C5 for the contest... I'll work on that later.

So, I (BLo0m?) decided that I should model a SM instead.

Here's what I got so far:

Comments would be nice. Not going to show the rear just yet as it's still quite off. Will work on that.
Cleaner than any top scientist's research facility! Even at this stage, I consider it perfection. Excellent work, my friend - it is good to see something from you again ;)
Great job! This is my first post here, I was looking for a 3d model of an SM and stumbled across this site. I own a 1972 citroen SM and wanted to do a custom paint job and thought that since I use Rhino3d at work (for jewellery design) it might be fun to render different paint schemes to see what it will look like. Do you know of anyone who might have a model that I might have, it is only for personal use not commercial.

Also, I came across another site that you guys might like. looks really good too!

Rune Spaans - Citroen SM Model


Welcome to SMCars, valeriomassaro, I hope you'll enjoy your stay here.

We've a rule about not digging up old topics, and this one is almost one year old. It's no big issue as you posted with in mind the intention to be helpful with the link you provided, but for such a kind of post, you should consider PMing the author directly.
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