Midpoly Vehicle contest - Classic Mini


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Hey again guys n gals,
I decided to withdraw my Monte Carlo from the Competition, and enter my Mini instead.
I did this mainly because I love minis... I was doing autograss racing with them when I was 14 - 16, then Ive been driving em on the road since I was 17... but, Ive always avoided making a decent one in 3D because ive always been worried that I would loose interest.... so I used this comp as an excuse to do one... and finish it! lol
now, although I possibly know minis better than myself, I have had to skimp on some details to keep it in the poly count...

so heres the renders... the car knocks in at 18,004 tris.. and I am doing other versions (including an autograss one), but these are my entries for the comp....

(PS, they are watermarked GreenVampire... which is my username in other places including DeviantArt which I uploaded these to first... now im G.V.Graphics here ... as in green vampire graphics.)



I like your Mini!!!! It looks great!!!! Thats a realy good thing that you've made the interior and the bottom!! Nice job!!!