Midpoly Vehicle Contest: Pontiac Fiero - FINISHED

After a lot of work finally it's done. Thanks for all comments and tips.
Good luck to other competitors!

Here are FINAL renders: (in 1600x1200 or 1280x1024)


it looks good to me, yet i have spotted a few flaws:

some corners in the roof and sunroof area (marked in purple) would like a bit of chamfering, or maybe you could just increase their weight, if you're using meshsmooth.
the same applies to those black panels around indicator lights, both on the front, and rear (marked green)

one more thing: the seats seem extraordinarily wide in their top section.

apart from that, everything is fine. good luck and respect :)


Silent][Moebius said:
congratulations on finishing this model :) it's an important thing to finish something and learn the best out of it.
That is true, good job. Has some inaccuracies but overall it's looking good
FlashG - Thanks! This was my first midpoly model and also first finished car model so it can have some inaccuracies, but I appreciate you like it.