Midpoly Vehicle contest

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There has been few Lowpoly contests but no Midpolyones yet. Here are the rules.
  • Starting from this day and ends 1st of April
  • Polycount limit is 20k tris
  • Textures aren't necessary
  • Only scratch made models
  • You can make a team with somebody up to 4 persons
  • Model can be bike, car, truck or van and also racing cars are allowed
When you make WIP topic name it Midpoly Vehicle Contest: Corvette C6 for example

So lets have some midpoly fun :)


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sweet, i know what im doing ;)

but lets get this straight. you say 20,000 polys. but do you mean 20,000 tris? since games use tris but most people go by polys.
yes in tris, sorry I meant to mention that in rules

looking forward to see your work. i'm still wondering what to do. prolly Plymouth Super B 1971
I'm in for sure!

There is this Citroën BX I started on 25th... I guess I could enter with it, but I'm not sure yet. :D

Might as well start something completely new. :)
First Post EVER!!!!! :)

Hi guys, i've been here to SMcars for a long time. I was always just watching the awsome renders that the pro members submit. But this time i wanted to join to the submiters, this cotest is perfect for me. So i tried to make something, its an AUDI S3. Its not have been made from that AUDI tutorial so i didn't copied anything... It have been made in 3DsMax 7and rendered with Brazil r/s. Its 17470 tri.s. I hope you like it.
Good work for the others and have fun everyone!!!!

See ya all!!!!

Yeah, why should you stop? This car have ben made in 2 days, and it looks crap, your could be better then mine!!! I am realy looking forward to see it!!!
Please don't stop because of me!!!

Best regards
Hey Toolss, you should make a thread, because you've got plenty of time to improve (3D rims for example, instead of textured ones).
And silvestro; of course you shouldn't stop, don't be silly and make that Audi your best model yet !
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