Midpoly Vehicle contest

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jalopy madness
FlashG said:
You can use old models, maybe it attracts more ppl to join the contest :)
so old models are allowed in this contest... (thinkin bout mine ol godzilla) :grin:

maybe i'm in, if i get mine pc repaired fast enough.


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decided im gunna do a 1970 monte carlo, been watching tokyo drift too much me thinks.
since im new to all this, thought id better ask, is it ok for me to do whatever I want with my model after i've entered it in this contest? just I usually sell my work on turbosquid so figured id shove the monte carlo on if it comes out ok
Doesn't matter, nice to have it there too :)

You're the first one that has finished the car congrats about that :p

I still need to do some interior and underbody
How many has finished the model or can finish it befor 15th of March?

If only few will finish then there are no sense to continue the contest :(

Sofar only Greenvampire has finished car and LOST has almost his model too (?)

I will get my Duster finished too soon so there would be only 3 of us :/
Since textures aren`t neccesary my Bently is "finished". Although it wouldn`t be very competitive without texs I`d be posting some contest pics even when I don`t get it textured by the time.
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