Midpoly Vehicle contest

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Toolss said:
Hi thx for the fast answer!

Am... is there a chance to withdraw my Audi S3? And if i can how? ( i ask about the thread that i've made for the model )

Sorry for bothering you with this :(

Best regards!!!
np, if you wish to withdraw it and make another model it's fine for me :)


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hey people,
If its ok, and the deadline is still the end of March, I'd like to withdraw my Monte Carlo from the competition.....
I've been making a Mini (old style) and kept it under 20,000 polys as a guide to work from... and its turning out really nice so far... much better than the Carlo...

I will make a thread for it in the finished work section in a few days... pointless starting a WIP thread for it cause I only have the UV's & Texturing to do :)
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