Mitsubishi GTO/3000GT Concept 2019 (Unofficial)

Hello everyone. Not sure how many people are still active on this forum, or where this kind of project would sit on this forum, but I wanted to share light on an on-and-off project I've being doing for a couple of years.

A little story first to set the tone:
GT-R, Supra, NSX. A few familiar names from the golden generation of Japanese sports & super cars, brought forth into modern day styling. However, there are also a few names we've not seen a resurgence from (or some whose pathways have altered since e.g. Eclipse Cross) and this project is an attempt to resurrect one of them. Doubly, with the constant barrage of SUV concepts from the diamond star brand, it seems like we'll never see a new Mitsubishi sports car again.

So basically, I attempted to create a GTO/3000GT successor using Mitsubishi's current design philosophies (Dynamic Shield, sharp defined edges etc.) and pre-existing concepts as a basis. Originally, I created a 3D model of the old car to use for proportional basing and modelled the new car over the top, then I went brain-dead over trying to incorporate the wide rear window section while making it look good with the hard-edged styling. Coming back to it recently with fresh eyes, I've managed to tidy the base model up, shortening it in the process, and give it a more defined look but it's still a low-poly WIP at the mo, using textures for some of the details for now.

untitled2.png untitled3.png untitled5.png untitled4.png
A little update: I've been working on defining the rear end and side skirts, giving it a more sporty look. Believe me, this thing's gone through quite a few rear designs before being shown on here (including a carbon copy of the e-Evo's rear). I've removed the side mirror cameras (originally based on the RA Concept) for now as they're not properly defined yet. Also changed to Cycles for a better render.
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