I got the same problem when I tried to import the object into maya, but when i converted it to either dxf or obj first (can't remeber which) it turned out just right.
cumquat4 said:
i know im a heathen noob, but why is it all in chunks like this? or is that just my crappy computer... :cry:

eeh isnt that milkshape 3d or something?
but i do get the same thing when i import it in Zm


noobish question: its in the .3ds format, but i cant open it, i need .max. how can i export it to this format??
Hey basudevp, that's a great Murcielago model, thanks for making it available. As for those who are loading the model into other programs and having it come in pieces, please let me know if there's a way to fix it. I have Lightwave 8, and I'm having the same problem. Every time I open it, it comes out in pieces. I've even tried converting it to a DXF as well as an OBJ and then open it that way, but it still comes out in pieces.