My first blueprint - Porsche 911 Carrera S (2012)

Hey Guys,

first, im from germany, so my english could be really bad at some points, but i will give my best :)

I searched several hours to find a good and correct blueprint of the latest Porsche 911 Carrera S, but I didnt found anything. All blueprints I found were incorrect at some points, so I decided to create an blueprint by myself.

I use Adobe Illustrator for creating the blueprints and as reference I use the official photos of Porsche (can be found on their website).

The problem of these photos is, that they are not completly perspective-neutral. So for me its not easy to draw the blueprints.
My plan is to adjust the vector graphics, when they are all finished, until every side fits perfectly to the others.

This is the first time ever im drawing a blueprint and also the first time i use Illustrator, so i am in the learning phase and not a "pro" in creating blueprints! Remember this please before posting some crits.

I would be happy to hear your opinions about my progress. Is it worth to continue the drawing?


unfortunately, none of the blueprints are completely accurate, thats why we use a lot of photo reference when modeling. good blueprints can always help and improve the time we spend on a project. yours look very good so far and they will probably match too but takes a long time to create them. your effort is more than welcome tho, im sure those who are looking for this car will be happy :)
Thank you for your comments :)

@ricksyss: Yes, thats right. For just one view I need about 2 hours. But when I know that someone would like to use my work its all much easier to do :)

@blackleo: I will do my best :) I want to model this car too, thats why im doing this.

I have nearly finished the side (the rims are a little problem for me^^).


I have a new update :)

I finished the front-view and the rims, but the rims took me too many hours.
For a beginner like me it is very hard to achieve a perfect result in which all dimensions perfectly match to the other.
Now will begin the hardest part of the work: Adapting the individual views to each other, so that each line fits perfectly to the other line in the other views.
I'll post my result next year ;)


Hello everyone,

badly I just dont have the time to finish the blueprint.
Also its too hard for me to adjust all the dimensions. Its my first time with Illustrator so i dont have much experience with it. Tomorrow, when im at home, i will upload the work i have done until now as a Adobe Illustrator file, so someone will be able to finish it.
I would be very glad that if someone uses my work as the basis for his own blueprint, he or she will name me in order to appreciate my work.
I have put many hours of work into it and did my best.
As i promised, here is the .ai file.
I hope someone out there is able to finish my work. Some days ago I looked for finished blueprints of this fantastic car but found out, that there are no good ones for free.
So if somebody uses this, please use it for your self or publish it for free!
Have fun with it, and remember: it is my first time with vector graphics! So my whole work could just be crap for someone who knows how to create good vector graphics with Illustrator!

I uploaded the file on Dropbox because its too large for the forum:
yap sometimes you have to do everything on your own if you want the full control and accuracy. years ago i bought a f430scuderia BP and the diffusor was wrong. the views didnt fit well to each other and so on...


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this is why i like using cad screenshots for my blueprints. I refuse to use anything else , because my final model looks really funky due to the perspective distortion.