Need For Speed Most Wanted meshes

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Well after practicly 3 hours of Fixin some of the problems untill it got tiresome i was able to Convert all the cars i think all the cars to Zmod1 and Zmod2 Formats so both Zmod users can view the meshes..unfourtantly during the converting and fixing i deleted quite a few car's stock rims so some cars don't have rims..some do..i'll make a wheel pack for ya guys that include every Stock Rim...unfourtantly i can't find all after market rims but i'll keep lookin through all these meshes..i have included Spoilers for Sedan(normal) and Hatchback meshes soo you can have fun with those.. the widebody kits are included with each car if your using Zmodeler 1.x then you'll prolly need to do some Fishing out but if your using Zmod2 then it should be quite simple i used Zmod2 to do all the converting and fixing..

DO NOT EXPORT INTO .3DS OR ANY OTHER FORMAT LIKE .3DS IT WILL SCREW UP THE CARS...I suggest usin Deep Exploration to convert the 3ds into .obj see if that will clear up the problems if not then do not import the cars in any other Program keep them in Zmodeler....this is a warning.

Fixed: 1

Some of the car axis(for Example: a car had it's roof under the car)but only to a few there are a few more that still have Axis problems for example the Mercedes SLR soo if you wanna fix it you can...i made it as easy for ya guys by sparing 3 hours of my busy sched to get these released

Deleted: Many

i deleted mostly the Decal planes as you would see on the Need For Speed Undergorund meshes for Decal placement i wasn't able to delete the back and Front Windsheild Decal placements...ah well

Rims sorry for deleting the rims as i said..i will get the Wheel Package up and ready asap

Zmod 1.x NFS MW meshes:

Zmod2 NFS MW Meshes:

Zmod1 File Size: 78.6mb's

Zmod2 File Size: 82.6mb's

Both Zmod1 and 2 .rar's do have exact same invetory of Parts just different Version Z3d's :)

For those who downloaded the Zmod2 version .rar i forgot to add in the Audi TT soo im gonna add it as a seperate .rar ...i don't wanna wait 40 minutes to upload a fresh .rar invetory

to the mod's if this aint the right place for this type of Posting Plz..Do Move this post to the proper place..Trash Can aint optional :grin:....

Working With megaupload..For the new Comers who don't know how to work Mega's Simple

once you clicked the Proper link you want your browser will direct you to the will have to wait around 40-50 seconds before the download is accessable(bandwidth management) once it gets around 10 seconds the pop up will cover the download button so press the "X" on the little pop up and you'll see the button say "Click here to Download" once the Countdown is completed click that and there ya go...Just Click and Save :D Simple and fast..

Enjoy Guy's ;) i know i enjoyed it :)

i'll Reupload the Meshes later on....

do take note if anyone downloads them reupload them cause when monday comes i won't be here cause i will be going out of state for 2 yrs soo pretty much i'll be gone for 2 yr's unfourtantly i won't beable to finish my Dodge Charger which is about 99.6% completed with Blower and umm other projects aswell that is almost completed but anyways i'll continue them when i get back :) well..plz do enjoy the Meshes

and Dober i'll upload the Viiper mesh for you now soo you can DL it and use it for a good reference instead of going all around find it do use Zmodeler 2 when viewing the Vipermesh so the car won't get cluttered cause i left all the mods(wings and Bodkits) in it aswell the body kit that seems to be making looks filmiliar to the NFSMW one soo you can enjoy it :) i'll be leaving a PM for ya..


I'm pretty interested how you connected all of the vertecises in ase file. 3 hours, ccc? I dlded those meshes 2 months ago at NFSCARS. You should offer your help over there, they had so much problems while converting geometry files.
PS That cars were already offered in Zmod file format.
yea but those are Stock Meshes....the meshes i upload has all the bodykits in it... so they can make remake the car if they want to a more high poly base or a more low poly base

reason for being all in one is cause of people want more then 1 car...soo i thought why download over and over and over for a different car when you can download every car(except Traffic and Police cars those i can get if asked) i'll reupload all cars in 1 .zip again in a few minutes :)
SirDavidP isn't there a way we can export the files by oursefls, I mean you didi it so we could, it would be much easyer to tell us how to do it ourselfs instead of uploading it again and then we downloading it :) If you can help us please tell us because I really want to try some bodykits, rims, spoilers and so on, 10x in advance
by the way I here is what I made with the BMW M3 GTR with max, just detached a few things from the mesh and voalla :p


i dont care wat others say, thank you for the download!!! much appreciated...any chance you could do nfs: u and nfs: u2 as well??

hey, gays - cfn anybody tell me if there is those meshes in 3ds or something like format (or any format for import in 3DMax)? and where can I download them.

it was very simple at last :)

hear is the tool - 3D Ripper DX - program that rips models from any DirectX application. just like printscreen. it's free - just google it.

at the same time it installs additional import plugin for 3Dmax. meshes are not perfect - but it is quite simple to fix them (welding some vertexes and playing with autosmooth)


oh, almost forgot - it is very important to know the game's FOV - it's 45 in Most wanted. directly in the game - ripping geometry from shops or showcases makes many troubles with scale of models.
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