New Contest / Challenge idea

Had an idea that I thought would make a great contest or challange.

The topic or subject is 3 wheel cars/autos

Rules are:

Must be a 3 wheel vehicle
Can be a currently produced, historic or made up design
Must have either 2 wheels in front and 1 wheel rear or 1 wheel in front, 2 wheel rear.
No poly or tri limit
no texture limits
work time 2 months
voting after

SO that's it... what do you think and would you be interested in it?? Google 3 wheel cars and you will see the possibilities ....

I've been waiting for a contest to force me into a new project, and I would absolutely be interested in this. I call the Peugeot 20Cup.
I like the idea Tinpau! I am surprised people that wanted a futuristic motorcycle comp are not in on this. I would love to do a retro-futuristic 3 wheel racer style and get it finished, I learned so much from the last comp.