New Contest Forum



we've just added a Forum called "Contest Disucssions". This forum should be used for any kind of suggestions regarding a challange/competition/contest here on SMC. There are old threads from old contest discussions merged. So don't wonder :)

Btw. the next big contest is already in progress and will be presented soon!



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Finally!!! weeheeeee :D

I've been looking at the Contest Forum's thread and I didn't see that one where we all suggested new contest themes.... where is it??? If it's there and I didn't see it, I apologize right now. Because there were very, very nice ideas for contests.

Any sneak peek about what will the next contest be about? :D:D:D

:thumbsup: and cheers :D


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Just came into mind, how about a contest for drivers complete with suit and helmet, any livery design, along with the just cockpit and seat, like the one sold plastic models of pilot and ejection seat and cockpit. Any racing car, interiors with anti-roll bars. what do you think guys? i know the next contest is being brewed, but just an idea?


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Went to Kmart today and bought my boy a couple of Hot Wheels. Some of the designs are quite out there, what if we were to make a photo realistic concept based strictly on a Hot Wheels (or Matchbox Superwheels) model???