New contest launched!

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How the hell did I miss this. Is this contest still up? 'Coz I would love to try this out. I never did something like this before!

If it has already passed, I vote for another go at an awesome contest!
I would be grateful if you do :)!!! Contests make me push myself to another level, while modeling for myself always takes to long and eventually will even stop due to lack of inspiration!! So come on with those contests!!


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I think we should make a competition in summer. That could be something related to summer. We had a convertible contest not so long ago so this time it could be something totally different. E.g. a lot of people nowadays go on trips with their cars, mostly whole family. So maybe we could do something like minivans or family cars or something like that. :) We have to think about it.

But one thing is for sure - we need a competition NOW! :D
Ideas! :D

But one thing is for sure - we need a competition NOW! :D
Too right mate! When the polls are finished, just roll into the new one!

Couple of ideas:
- Minivan/Family car idea from Klobsters sounds cool
- Concept car (Old car into modern car conversion)
- Italian cars

Somebody else probably has some more ideas, but I think it's a good idea to write these down and create a separate poll for this. So people can choose their favorite contest :)
I think the italian car or a family car would be nice.
As for original ideas I would like to see something like modeling a car that doesn't have blueprints - only from photos. Probably some unreleased concept cars etc.
I have similar ideas:
- simple "everyday" cars, family cars, 4-door saloons/sedans/berline, not super or sports cars.
- station/estate wagons, touring or breaks.
It would be nice to model something really simple.


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How about concept based go green car? A electric-powered, hydro-powered, solar-powered, wind-powered or etc vehicle? for the sake of our mother-earth
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