New Formula 1 cars

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What do you think about the new design of the F1 cars now that they have more simpler look than before? I personally like how they look now, before they were so messy looking things with lots of small wings and shizzle.

Ferrari launched their car and gotta say it looks good :)


f00ls :p

F1 dont need lots of stupid little wings on the body to look good lol. They've gone better, best looking F1's were made at early 90's and they look more like them now

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f00ls :p

F1 dont need lots of stupid little wings on the body to look good lol. They've gone better, best looking F1's were made at early 90's and they look more like them now
...and Group C LM cars looked better than F1 cars back then too :p

but yeah, this looks like one of the silliest open wheeled racing cars ive ever seen imo


Tiny rearwing looks dumb. Otherwise I agree with previous comments : not my favorite racer, but better than previous years with dozens of little wings here and there.
Farmers will be happy if somebody knows how to install rotating cutters underneath that frontspoiler. Bit more groundclearance and away they go. Entire thing looks unbalanced now, but I don't care that much, I always preferred racing with close-to-production cars (DTM, V8 etc)


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Well, I'm a bit disappointed because when Ferrari shown their first 09 concept I was like OMG! It was full of tiny wings, it looked more aggressive... and now? It looks better than 08, but still boring :p
Imma just waiting for BMW F09 !

EDIT: I found dates when other teams will show their cars :D
15 January Toyota
16 January McLaren
19 January Renault
19 January Williams
20 January BMW Sauber
09 February Red Bull
FIA's new rules are great. Makes it into a sport again, rather than 'who's got the most money to spend'.
I dislike the new season's cars though.. They look more like toys rather than F1 cars.
this sucks big time, they dont look like marvels of engineering precision anymore, its all disproportionate ugly cars - max mosley is too old and should retire, along with that other twat whos ruining it

@nighteye - if you want standardized things go watch A1, then tell em oh F1 would be great like that, cos imo A1 sucks big time
I didn't say standard. But Launch Control, ABS, Traction Control, etc etc. They let the machine do the tricky work.

(I'm not saying everyone can be a F1 driver because it is so easy, don't get me wrong!)
im glad traction controls gone and slick tyres are back, but the new cars looks so disproportionately ugly. the last seasons cars looked stunning i thought, last few years too. still though, i can't wait for the new season :)
well last year the cars looked like spaceships with all those little wings and i have to say it had something, you really were looking at the most advanced cars in the world.

The new cars are good looking too imo. They're now really race cars, the first idea you have of an formula 1 car, not the most beuatiful cars ever but pure speed, so i don't really have something against it. Just very curious about the new mclaren!
I'm of the personal opinion that looks meaning nothing if the car isn't winning. If it so happens that its sexy while winning, then I wouldn't mind, but making a competitive car should be first.

Now, as far as how good it looks to me, I'd go with pretty well. Granted, I have only been watching F1 for about 3 or 4 years, but I'm up enough on the history that I think the 80's turbo era cars look cool to me, but to each their own.

Then again, I think the old Group C era cars are the sexiest of the past, present, and future or motorsports lol
Nice, A1GP with increased budget, now we're getting somewhere....

*not* I want the old F1 back. Anybody knew btw that Team Ferrari got payed over 80 million dollars per year to stay in the F1? How fair is that :p
I either don't like these cars. They looked pretty good overall, but that rear wing ruins everything. I could build it for 3 simple box :)

I also prefer the last years, there were development in the aerodynamic, and much more chance to be the best...

Otherwise I think it will be an exciting season ;)
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