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Hey, people of SMC!

So I was a little bored and started thinking about a new contest. Then I found this post which is made in June:
the next big contest is already in progress and will be presented soon!
It's more than a month around now and really want to start the contest as soon as possible! :) At least to know some more info about it.

I hope majority of users agree. It's been quite a while without a contest. ;)


Hi, right now I have no time on doing that. But you can think of a small contest in between and maybe someone can help you arrangeing it :)



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That would be cool, Klobsters, why don't you create a poll with 3 or 4 themes and let us vote for a week or 2 and then set the playground for us to build our steel horses :p


a poll sounds good.
or you guys can post some suggestions here as well.

two ideas i just had:
famous car from a movie/tvshow
matchbox cars e.g. design and build your own matchbox/hotwheels vehicle


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hmm.. Lights Camera Action, was 4 years ago. alot of movies came out in this 4 years, no that many whit cars tho...

The thing is modeling cars, is modeling cars... may be we could do something new... like how would you imagine a space vehicle would look like in the future ?
or flying cars or something... design something that is not 4 wheel ?

Just a thought :)


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Cooolnesss!!! In 2 posts we managed to share 5 different contests themes :

1.- Famous car from a movie/tvshow
2.- Design and build your own matchbox/hotwheels vehicle
3.- Imagine a space vehicle would look like in the future
4.- Flying cars
5.- Something that is not 4 wheel

I have onem:D :

6.- After the crash.... create an accident scene, with a crushed car or cars ;) (with Falango's permission of course)
7.- Gangsta wheels.... yo


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There is another thread floating around about contest ideas. "After the crash" was mentioned in there, and I thought of smashed up vehicles, which would be really fun! Doesn't have to be completely totaled, even some subtle dents and scratches could be enough!


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I see some great ideas here. :) Let's hear some more suggestions and then we will be able to start the poll.
As I remember - before the Top Gear contest everybody liked the idea of post-apocalypse cars. What do you think about it now?

I would really appreciate your help! :) PMed


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I'm Happy that you like the ideas... Honestly, now that I'm learning how to work whit images, everything that i can do from blueprints or images doesn't really interest me that much when we speak about the contest!

We all know that we can model stuff... but lets model something that doesn't exist, design it first:

so concept designs of futuristic bikes;
post-apocalypse cars (imagine it's far in the future, there should not be any cars that we know of, may be we could do some levitating vehicles?) ;
also why not go for crashed airplanes or sunken boats?

Really didn't you guy's had it enough whit cars ? you can model them every day :p
From my point of view contests should be challenging and interesting , something that non of us ever modeled :)
don't u think so ?
I just had a nerve under my eye twitch... because I saw the words "New Contest" xD

I love the ideas I see bouncing around here, and yes, we all are able to model cars (some better than others mind you... I still am trying to get up to par with you guys) but I would love to have a contest where it indeed is a bit different.

Think Blade Runner, Minority Report, the new Total Recall. Those futuristic cars (flying or not, I am open for both) would be a blast to design for yourself and model! I would love to see what you guys can come up with, in terms of design (not counting functionality).

If you start this contest, count me in! It's been way too long since the last one and I could definitely use the motivation =3.

Let's get this contest started!!


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futuristic cars gets my vote, post-apocalyptic style all the better.... im thinking 5th Element mixed with Total Recall etc. defo got my creative juices tingling :D

edit - defo wouldnt limit it to *just* bikes, but have bikes etc welcome, along with flying vehicles etc hence the futuristic part.
personally would be put off if it was just bikes


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There is a way to connect all our ideas. The contest could be about future vehicles. No matter what it is - space shuttle, bike, car, boat, amphibia, post-apocalypse car etc. Based on how you see the future - if you think people will start travelling around the space - make a space shuttle, if you think the most of the world will be under water - make a boat or amphibia and so on.
Basically everybody will be able to choose what they like, at the same time thinking of the atmosphere and designing new vehicles. Just be as creative as you can! :)

Contests should be based on creativity. As OldDog said, we can all model a car from blueprints but creativity is a thing we need to improve. :)