Nissan Skyline R34 GTR Widebody

I made the whole model from scratch in Sketcup two years ago, but completed the interior and remade some of the body geometry recently.

The front and rear bumpers are the Skyline GTT URAS bumpers, while the side skirts are from the C-West kit.

I really like the look of the GTR with wide overfenders(not Rocket Bunny), I've never seen anything like it on a real GTR, the closest has to be Kyushu Danji's R34 GTR.

Skjermbilde (587).png
Skjermbilde (597).png
Skjermbilde (601).png
Skjermbilde (603).png
Skjermbilde (583).png
Skjermbilde (590).png
Skjermbilde (588).png
Skjermbilde (589).png
Skjermbilde (585).png
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I'd really like some critizism on this model. There is something about the mirrors that bothers me, if you compare it to a picture it doesnt look right(look at the pics above too), I also think there's something with the headlights, but I'm not sure.



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Brilliant model there!

My only advice would be to curve the side windows and b-pillar a bit. Also, the rear window appears to be concave, whereas it should be convex. In regards to the mirrors, I think the issue may be that the lower corner is too rounded, it seems like it's just as sharp as the top on the real thing.

Hey Bakasan, thanks, really appreciate it :) I agree on the mirror; like you say it seems that the bottom corner is too rounded, I also think the mirrors curve too much inward/ backwards if you know what I mean and that they are too thick, so I scaled them forward a bit and I think it looks a little better now.

You can see I also changed the top inner corner(which actually was the part that bothered me in the first place), move it back and made it more smoother and more curved.

Also thanks for noticing the the rear window, got it fixed now.


the bottom corner could still be sharper I guess, but I think the overall shape looks closer.

The R34 model in the forza games is not flawless either, the headlights rims and mirrors are wrong as far as I can see :D

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