Nissan SkylineR32 GT-R

It's been a long while since i posted, but i thought id break the silence and share a current WIP of mine.
Ive been meaning to make a R32 for racer for along time, and back in 2003 or so it was the other project i was doing besides the trueno.. except i was never happy with the way it came out so i occaionally posted a teasing pic, but since i was too balls for public viewing i kept scrapping and restarting it... and up until recently the only decent part of the car id made was a stock wheel :p (wow challenging) Nothing to do with being a hard car to model, just lack of time/motivation etc..

anyways i started the current version a couple of weeks back, making bits and bobs during my lunch break since my home comp is dead in the water.. and so far i havent yet decided to bin the model and start again from scratch.

Im basing the car off my own car first, then im going to look at making the stock options.. which isnt going to be too hard since the only external difference is the carbon N1 lip, and wheels (and of course the stickers that add 1000bhp)

Since its going into Racer, my aim is no more than 30k for, alot yes, but this is for the external bodyshell, interior and underbody (kind of needed since the r32 has a high back end, and the fuel tank etc is exposed)

Im aiming for a higher polycount than the 19k i used on the r35, purely so i can add a few more 3D elements like cutlines and general detailing rather than relying purely on texture...

Overall not a bad looking model even if its not finished, but the textured bodylines etc, are a bit last gen :S, So upping the poly count for the 32 isnt such a bad thing
anyways, back to the actual car im making.

pics of the real car...

and the model

Being a tad in patient to see stuff finished, i decided to do a test render, so quick unwrap of the body with basic shading, some cheap and nasty textures and hit render... so far so good.

Some start on doing the texture work, thought i'd add some light bulbs to the main beam reflectors since they'd probably look a bit strange just being chrome but not holding a bulb once its in game..
Spend a saturday morning where it was fairly neutral lightwise and went out to get some texture shots of the lights and stuff, and started working on the light textures sine they're fairly simple to get done, the diffuser on the glass is currently just white lines with a few gradients, but im aiming to add a spec map and reduce the obvious lines in the textue so its more subtle (yeah it could be normal mapped with Cg shaders, but since i cant run them the aim is as simple as possible)

rear light cluster and reversing lights

overall shot of the rear, still WIP, but getting there slowly... the heater lines were a paint to get done, but at least they are true to life...




Christ Endo, tight model, glad to hear its going into Racer! BTW Brother_David from the Racer community here :)

Looking forward to this!
Thanks guys
It's coming together, though there's still a tonne of stuff to do like all the bits of silly details that i allways seem to leave to last.. god i hate things like wipers.

Hopefully it'll look decent enough so i can get an arty style render done as a print.. if not turbosmooth will fix it lol :p

Impressive work, only thing I noticed was a normal issue on the rear next to the hook :)
ah yes, i noticed that too when i took the screenshot, one of the verts on the edge of the recess had some how gotten welded to something it should have and messed everything up... all fixed now :D


I always admired your work on gtapex but im so glad you started my favorite car :) Only thing i can say is that those front corner lights look a bit incorrect to me :p
Good spotting, i noticed that when i tried started doing the light textures, and the photo i took wouldn't fit on the model (allways a bad sign :p). The point on the end was too small, and the corner shape was wrong, so i fixed it and the texture now fits as it should (the fix, isnt reall visible in the last two pics i posted :()
(that is if you are talking about the shape, if you're talking about the color... then no they are correct for my car :p)

Some recent pics, done more on the windows, and replicated the etchings/decals that are on the windows, lol and taxed the car for the year :p
also mapped a few bits which were missing in some of the early shots like the parking lights/badges etc..and some basic body texture work, but it's early days.

thought id quickly throw it into a scene a give it a quick render... not perfect or anything but it looks nicer now that its got proper texturing being done.

and a quick racer test so i could have a look to make sure theres not too many reflection bugs, doesnt look too bad, but need to finish the model since it needs it spec/reflects maps etc still.



Looks brilliant with that fartcannon on the back :D The wheels seem to be like an inch in the ground on the racer picture.
thanks for the commments guys :D
Still got tonnes of stuff to do lol.

Looks brilliant with that fartcannon on the back :D The wheels seem to be like an inch in the ground on the racer picture.
The disturbing thing is, i made that exhaust to the exact dimensions of the real one.. 152mm can, 115mm exit... some how in 3D it looks more extreme than IRL.
I forgot the spec map when i was testing it, so the chrome isnt as nice as it should be like this since im using the same texture.

I might have put the car in with the wrong wheel dimensions into racer, but its just a test .ini file so its not set up with handling or anything... just enough to get the car in to check its all appearing as it should.
The wheels look a bit better in game..
Not so great in the render since i didnt really feel like messing with the material for too long and it just has the basic texture and spec map. Theyd look nicer with a decent material thats for sure.

Though.. i was thinking i might go out and take some new photos of the wheels for ref since the colors are a bit bizzaro looking at the moment, and im not super keen on the static shading i did on the spokes.